No more…

If there’s anything I tried last year that I would never do again…{SEE BELOW}

YES. I will never buy a HERMIT CRAB again. Turns out they are really hard creatures to take care of. Number one, you can’t really touch them, pet them, etc. unlike “dogs.” You can’t force them to eat…if they don’t want to EAT. It seems like they don’t have any appetite at all! There were times where I thought mine’s were dead but ended up still alive…Number two, they die…they die. Unfortunately there’s really nothing you can do. They go through this phase called ‘molting’ where they look like they’re dead and basically they have to go through this phase as they get older. Like plants (unfortunately) I have no ‘green thumb’ no ‘hermit crab thumb either.’ *SOB*SOB ¬†Number three, they SLUMBER…and SLUMBEr…until next thing you know! they’re DEAD. They die with absolutely no ‘bond’ with you at all. Well, there’s a way to bond with them and that’s by hand feeding them…but man, that is just about how far you can go with them. They don’t talk. They won’t bark like dogs do. Or amuse you like other pets. I really think by taking them, I just did them more harm than good…and same goes to those hermit crab sellers…SO CRUEL.

So if you ever pass by the mall kiosk (like I did) please don’t fall for them! These creatures are not made to be pets really. maybe in our own concept of ‘pets’ they are…but they’re not. Or else God would’ve let them coexist with us instead of putting them by the ocean…you get it? HAHA. If they LIVE in the ocean, leave them be in the ocean. If they live in the forests, leave them in the forest! Stop making our homes their homes. HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU FEEL if they took us away from our house and takes us to live with them by the ocean ‘by their comfort home’ how would you feel? Do you think you’ll live in a shell just like every single one of them hermit crabs? No. Then, exactly…that answers my question.


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