Would you ever go and travel by YOURSELF?

I have been dying to go to a  “real” out-of-the-country vacation if you know what I mean! You know, like the ones in movies. Remember ‘Leap Year’ where she went to Scotland before leap year to propose to her boyfriend? It was such a great romantic comedy movie. (Hmm…I would definitely watch it again :))

Anyway, of course just like ‘with great power comes great responsibility,’ great travels don’t come cheap. (I don’t know where that analogy of mine came from (^_^)’) You will be stuck in streets of a strange city if you didn’t have a place to slumber. Going to a decent hotel could cause you at least $150 a night! Ka-ching! there’s always a little bit of regret with money there being wasted only to sleep inside the hotel for a few hours and wake up having to pack your bags on the last day and you beg them to delay your check-out time (I HATE checking out…)

So far, I have never gone outside the state of California in my years of staying here…I know…what have I been waiting for all this time right? There’s no excuse for me not to take a vacation.

Recently though, I’ve been nudging someone to come travel with me since I haven’t had the courage to travel by myself yet…and that someone is my boyfriend. I have the money for me to go by myself on a trip anywhere…but he still doesn’t have anything saved up yet. It SUCKS when to WAIT on SOMEONE. It’s not even about a marriage. I just want to RELAX and ENJOY while I CAN. Who knows in a year or two something happens and I just won’t be able to enjoy things I could be enjoying or I could’ve accomplished by now…

Saving up for a house…that’s second on my list. Here’s my logic. How are you going to enjoy traveling the world if you have a house and a dog to worry about. Hell no! I don’t want a house sitter! If I ever have a house of my own, I guess I will NEVER leave it for a week!

So answering my own question, worse comes to worse…yes. Yes, I will travel by myself if I don’t have anyone I could travel with.



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