Reminiscing Traveler





Recently I’ve been having a hard time making decisions like should I just return the spare phone? Should I go on another vacation after the three-day cruise? like finally go to an ultimate outside the country trip by myself? >_< aaaahhhhh! it's giving me a headache. Like when there are moments that I really feel bored and I feel like playing one of the games I bought but haven't played yet..but still ends up not playing because I'm already dreading the thought of how time-consuming it's gonna be that I just end up not doing anything or having fun at all.

LESSON today: Learn how to cherish each moment. Cherish people.

Just got home from Mark’s reunion with his highschool friends. It was Juno’s last weekend before he goes back to the Philippines. Jen and Adam  was there  too and Mike Lumba. I saw the other Mark. And the other ones came after Drew and Emjay. Emjay was a little late because he just got back from Hawaii. (Man I wanna go to Hawaii…)

Jacob  loved the madeleines I got and enjoyed munching on the Blue Bunny red velvet ice cream cone that I made him while playing bowling by himself. Man! I love my nephew! and Averi of course was sleeping.

I ate a lot of the burger Mark made. What I ate definitely made up for the whole day I was starving…don’t ask…I was being LAZY all day.

Jen  finally broke the news to Juno. At first Juno thought she was joking. Mark V. eventually found out…and shared that his grandma passed away from colon cancer. He said she was in remission for ten years at first, but the second time it came back…it was already to late and she passed away…just too depressing I admit…it hit me once again. I felt this fear so immobilizing. Like something bad will most likely happen and you can’t ignore or deny the weight of the situation because it’s at least ninety-eight percent true (if not a hundred percent true.)

We’ll NEVER really know when God says it’s time for us to go. For now, all I could do is to cherish every moment I have with the people I love. And try to shrug the pain other people has caused us, because in the end, those little things won’t matter. Think about the worse things that could happen and didn’t happen (at least yet.) Learn to forgive. Learn to let go. We’re one day less with the people we love every  day. Be thankful for each moment. Cherish every waking moment with the people around you right now. Who knows when your luck will run out?

Speaking of lucky, I got home safe after drinking a shot of tequila and a few other drinks.

Would you ever go and travel by YOURSELF?

I have been dying to go to a  “real” out-of-the-country vacation if you know what I mean! You know, like the ones in movies. Remember ‘Leap Year’ where she went to Scotland before leap year to propose to her boyfriend? It was such a great romantic comedy movie. (Hmm…I would definitely watch it again :))

Anyway, of course just like ‘with great power comes great responsibility,’ great travels don’t come cheap. (I don’t know where that analogy of mine came from (^_^)’) You will be stuck in streets of a strange city if you didn’t have a place to slumber. Going to a decent hotel could cause you at least $150 a night! Ka-ching! there’s always a little bit of regret with money there being wasted only to sleep inside the hotel for a few hours and wake up having to pack your bags on the last day and you beg them to delay your check-out time (I HATE checking out…)

So far, I have never gone outside the state of California in my years of staying here…I know…what have I been waiting for all this time right? There’s no excuse for me not to take a vacation.

Recently though, I’ve been nudging someone to come travel with me since I haven’t had the courage to travel by myself yet…and that someone is my boyfriend. I have the money for me to go by myself on a trip anywhere…but he still doesn’t have anything saved up yet. It SUCKS when to WAIT on SOMEONE. It’s not even about a marriage. I just want to RELAX and ENJOY while I CAN. Who knows in a year or two something happens and I just won’t be able to enjoy things I could be enjoying or I could’ve accomplished by now…

Saving up for a house…that’s second on my list. Here’s my logic. How are you going to enjoy traveling the world if you have a house and a dog to worry about. Hell no! I don’t want a house sitter! If I ever have a house of my own, I guess I will NEVER leave it for a week!

So answering my own question, worse comes to worse…yes. Yes, I will travel by myself if I don’t have anyone I could travel with.


Vacation February 2014

I just got myself a week of vacation from work next month. To be honest, I can’t make up my mind on what to do. As much as I love the ‘idea’ of traveling, I dread the feeling of having to pack my stuff and go. It’s ALWAYS BEEN A STRUGGLE for me to decide which ones to pack for me…I would almost end up bringing my whole closet! But enough with the worries…we have a free cruise that expires before March. All we need to do is mail the paper and wait for the itinerary (still haven’t mailed it yet…) As far as I know, it’s a trip to Mexico. I’ve been hearing from other people that it’s not safe to go there…but I recently read this blog “Twenty-Something Travel” by a blogger named Steph and in one of her blogs she basically argued that there is no such thing as a 100% safe place to travel. It shrugged a little bit of worry off my shoulder. Maybe I should really go to that trip and see what happens…

But I really want to go to Europe or Singapore. I will definitely not go back to Catalina. I loved the feeling when we went on the ferry and slowly left Los Angeles, but man…to ride a ferry just to go get myself stuck in a much ‘smaller’ island? It hit my claustrophobia badly. I realize my claustrophobia wasn’t just about the tiny spaces but also the idea that I was stuck in an island was suffocating itself. (Hawaii…I hope you’re nothing like Catalina…)

Anyways… *tries to forget about Catalina*, I want to go on a vacation by the beach or eat by the waterfalls (not by myself) of course! with as many people as possible!!!…

Hmph! gotta stop writing soon…I have to get ready in a few minutes to meet with everyone…Juno is leaving tomorrow I guess and they want to celebrate tonight!