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Vacation February 2014

I just got myself a week of vacation from work next month. To be honest, I can’t make up my mind on what to do. As much as I love the ‘idea’ of traveling, I dread the feeling of having to pack my stuff and go. It’s ALWAYS BEEN A STRUGGLE for me to decide which ones to pack for me…I would almost end up bringing my whole closet! But enough with the worries…we have a free cruise that expires before March. All we need to do is mail the paper and wait for the itinerary (still haven’t mailed it yet…) As far as I know, it’s a trip to Mexico. I’ve been hearing from other people that it’s not safe to go there…but I recently read this blog “Twenty-Something Travel” by a blogger named Steph and in one of her blogs she basically argued that there is no such thing as a 100% safe place to travel. It shrugged a little bit of worry off my shoulder. Maybe I should really go to that trip and see what happens…

But I really want to go to Europe or Singapore. I will definitely not go back to Catalina. I loved the feeling when we went on the ferry and slowly left Los Angeles, but man…to ride a ferry just to go get myself stuck in a much ‘smaller’ island? It hit my claustrophobia badly. I realize my claustrophobia wasn’t just about the tiny spaces but also the idea that I was stuck in an island was suffocating itself. (Hawaii…I hope you’re nothing like Catalina…)

Anyways… *tries to forget about Catalina*, I want to go on a vacation by the beach or eat by the waterfalls (not by myself) of course! with as many people as possible!!!…

Hmph! gotta stop writing soon…I have to get ready in a few minutes to meet with everyone…Juno is leaving tomorrow I guess and they want to celebrate tonight!