Countdown to 2015. 363 days to go…

What do I want to do this 2014? get married and settle down? No… I feel like I haven’t seen it all and haven’t seen the world to settle down. I feel so deprived of traveling the world. Life keeps our schedules busy that oftentimes we forget what it’s really all about. So I sat down and made a list of things I want to do starting 2014. So before I grow up and settle down, or get old and be no longer capable of traveling and before my eyes can’t see anymore, I want to set myself to travel in 2014. Of course there are other things that I told myself I was going to do last year…like learn how to cook and slice vegetables, move out and lose weight.

Of course, I wanna pretty much make it damn sure that I’ll be able to cross out some of the things in my bucket list (in no particular order): I wanna go to Paris, take a voyage in Asia, go to Hawaii, witness breath-taking moments and take magnificent photographs of the world (with my DLSR) as I see it (and blog it), buy a house, or revisit my childhood country.


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